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Mississippi A/G Disaster Response



  We’re so glad that you have an interest in assisting those who are affected by natural or man-made disasters.  On our site you will find helpful information on how to join our team, training opportunities, and helpful tips on how you can prepare you and your family.  

Opportunities To Help

Responding gives you the opportunity help someone in a time of crisis.

Opportunities To Experience Christ

Helping others in a time of crisis gives you the opportunity to experience something bigger!

Opportunities To Share Christ

Helping in a time of crisis offers you the opportunity to share the love of Christ to others.

5360 I-55 South Byram, MS 39272

Teams and Finances Still Needed.  Currently MSAGDR is responding to the flood victims of the Louisiana/ Mississippi Gulf Coast Region. Teams are working to distribute supplies and help to remove debris from flooded homes. The devastation is vast and help is needed. Please visit our Volunteers page and see how you can help. Also funds are needed. If you can help please use the Paypal link above and send funds! Thank You!